Bequin: Penitent (Hb)

Bequin: Penitent (Hb)
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Bequin: Penitent (Hb)
Hardback Novel by Dan Abnett

In the of Queen Mab, the forces of light and darkness are locked in a viscous struggle for truth. The dedicated agents of the Holy Inquisition battle with their shadowy counterparts the infamous Cognitae. The Holy Inquisistion discover the encrypted identity of the enigmatic, all-powerful King in Yellow. Caught in the centre of this struggle is the pariah Alizebeth Bequin. Will she stand with the Inquisition or with the Cognitae that raised her? Will she chooses the Inquisition, will it be the wise but ruthless Ravenor or his rival, the denounced heretic Eisenhorn? Bequin must withstand an onslaught of angels, daemons and  warriors of the Traitor Legions. Can she unpick the greatest riddle of her life.

The beloved characters of Eisenhorn and Ravenor return in this novel.  Read about the macabre intrigue, and vivid action, where the revelation of true identity could mean death or might shake the Imperium to its very foundations.
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