Blood Bowl Sevens Pitch

Blood Bowl Sevens Pitch
Blood Bowl Sevens Pitch

A new way to play.

As Blood Bowl Sevens is played with fewer players on each team. This makes sense that the pitch is reduced in size too. Pitches are smaller than standard Blood Bowl regulations dictate designed specifically for use when playing games of Sevens. 

This simplified version of the game is ideal for younger players busy coaches or anyone looking to get into the game with a shallower learning curve. 

This reversible Blood Bowl pitch features a standard turf field on one side and astrogranite tiles on the reverse. All the standard markings are present and accounted for. 

You'll also find a pair of matching double-sided dugouts to complete the theme. Redesigned for games of Sevens each dugout features a shorter Score Turn and Re-roll tracker plus Reserves Knocked-out and Casualty boxes.

You'll need a copy of both Blood Bowl – The Official Rules and the Death Zone supplement to use this pitch.

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