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Chinese munten set dollar formaat met dvd goocheltruc gekocht

Ben dik tevreden over de service word goed op de hoogte gehouden en krijgt zelf in het weekend antwoord op mail. Voor de munten goochelaar ook de site echt zoveel munten zijn er te verkrijgen. Tot d..

Robert Van Veen

Gone Deck by Shin Lim - Goocheltruc

Gone Deck by Shin Lim - Goocheltruc
Gone Deck by Shin Lim - Goocheltruc
Merk: Shin Lim
Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
Prijs: €29,95
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Product with Videoclip...

A visual masterpiece designed by Shin Lim and Tom Elderfield is used as a closer to Shin's Encore Act performed on the Illusionists Show from broadway. What more is there to say?

Gone Deck can both be used as an APPEARING and VANISHING card box, making this a very versatile prop to anyones repertoire.
Every package comes with a premade template so that you can apply any deck of your choosing and use it in the beginning, end, or even middle of your routine. And because it is simply one card thin and works as one unit with no separate parts to worry about, Gone Deck will not get in the way of your performances.

Gone deck comes with an instructional tutorial on how to perform different vanishes, appearances, and even color changes. In addition, Shin Lim teaches you how to not only take care of your gimmick, but also how to create new ones of your own.

Witness this incredible appearing and vanishing card box 5 years in the making

"WTF!!! The Holy grail effect to open or close your card act!"
- Rich Piccone

*SansMinds and Nicholas Lawrence had independently created a similar effect called Unboxing, and Unboxing 2.0
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