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Psychic Card Paddle by Bob Solari - Goocheltruc

Psychic Card Paddle by Bob Solari - Goocheltruc
Merk: Trickmaster LLC, Inc.
Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
Prijs: €14,95
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This will fry your spectator's mind!

It's the classic Princess Card Trick on a paddle! Astounding to the lay person, yet easy to do for the magician! You show a wooden paddle that contains six different mini playing cards on one side, and the same six playing cards on the other side. Ask a spectator to mentally select one of the cards. They merely think of it in their mind, and never tell you what it is. With a flick of the wrist, only five cards remain - the mentally selected card has vanished! You can then show that the card has vanished from the other side as well!

A real fooler!
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