Seven Thoughts - A collection of unique handlings in card magic.

Seven Thoughts is Sungwon’s first card magic booklet in English. This booklet contains seven total items, which come from his previous booklets in Korean: Leaf Boat(2010), Imagery(2016). ‘Broken Canvas’ is a brand new effect. When Leaf Boat was first published it sold out in only two days.


- Spread Cull Double Turnover

- Swing Cut Aces

- Four Cards

- Stream Move

- Leaf Boat

- Sungwon Control

- Broken Canvas(Media rights not included)

"Sungwon's Stream Move is a wonderful way to produce and display a single card. The moment I saw him do it, I took out my deck and wanted to learn it."

- Lee Asher

"'Seven Thoughts' is a misnomer. It is obvious that many more thoughts have gone into Sungwon's work: From beautiful to practical to highly ingenious - I have personally counted at least forty-two thoughts! Well done!"

- Pit Hartling

“Sungwon Kim’s ‘Seven Thoughts’ is one of the most orchestrated booklets I have read in a long time. One can feel the compassion Sungwon has for magic by hum sharing his thoughts with the reader.”

- Howard Hamburg

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Seven Thoughts by Sungwon Kim - Goochelboek

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