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Torque by Chris Turchi and Brandon David video DOWNLOAD

Torque by Chris Turchi and Brandon David video DOWNLOAD
Merk: Murphys Magic Supplies, Inc.
Model: dvtorque
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Based off of the classic "Twisting Arm" by Shinko, Chris Turchi and Brandon David have given this timeless illusion a twist of their own by bringing the effect off of the ground and in your face.

Simply ask your spectator to copy your actions. You both place your hands in front of you and begin rotating them to test how far your arm can be twisted. Your spectator is soon going to find out that they can only turn their hand half way while you continue to turn and turn and turn your hand until they rub their eyes in disbelief!

No more sleeves and bringing your spectators to the ground. Now you can perform in the air, bringing all of your spectator's in for a closer look. As impromptu as it is shocking, Torque needs no props or gimmicks whatsoever. Includes everything you need to know delivered through online streaming video including instructions, alternate performances, live performances and more.

- Easy to learn
- Easy to perform
- Completely impromptu
- Perform sleeveless

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