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Ik had een aantal goochelspullen graag zo snel mogelijk gehad ivm geplande activiteiten, even telefonisch contact opgenomen met vliegereensuit en mijn bestelling was geplaatst. Ik kreeg spoedig een ni..

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Perfect VanishRing Box - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Here's a great tool for vanishes, or even for mentalism e..
Crystal Flash Appearance Box (8 x 8 x 8inch) by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
Show an empty, clear box and on your command, a solid ball or a beautiful bouquet of flowers appe..
Pass? Pass? Bottle by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
Using metal tubes, turn a bottle into a glass and a glass into a bottle. This is magical and funny! ..
Lolli Hero Spiderman and Hulk (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Steve Rowe - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Imagine being able to show a lollipop to a spectator before placing it ..
Haunted Hanky by Mr. Magic  - Goocheltruc
Your simple hanky magically comes to life as it lies on the table. It begins to move in the middl..
Mini Triangular Box by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
Show a triangular, three-fold box to be completely empty. Next, from the empty box, magically pro..
Commander Light by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
Fully examinable by your spectators, this light can be turned off and on at your command from a dist..
Routines with the Himber Type - Goochelboek
This book should be owned by everyone who owns the Himber Ring. Routines with the Himber Type contai..
Silk 24 inch (White) by Pyramid Gold Magic
White 24" silk, perfect for any type of silk performances...
Reception Box Aluminum by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
This reception prop can be used to create hundreds of effects, limited only by your imagination! For..
Multicolor Rope Link (Regular Cotton) 24
Three different colored ropes are tied together by their ends with knots. With a magical pass, they ..
Money Printing Machine (Stage Size) by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
Make every spectator's fantasy a reality. Turn paper into real money. Currency is fully examinable...
Flash Silk Vanishing Wand by Premium Magic - Goocheltruc
With the simple touch of your magic wand, make your silk disappear...
The Madras Paper Repeat Climax by PK Ilango - Goochelboek
The Madras Paper Repeat Climax is a great stand-up effect where a Six Card Repeat style effect is..
The Floating and Dancing Cane by Lewis Ganson - Goochelboek
The Dancing Cane is a classic in magic and will remain so, with each year bringing in technology ..
Special Edition NOW-U-C-IT, NOW-U-DON'T (DVD, Book and Gimmick) by Jeff Stewart and Meir Yedid - Goochel DVD
Product with Videoclip... Magicians make things appear and disappear - now you can, too! With you..
Metamorphosis XL (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Wayne Dobson - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... This looks utterly impossible!! You'll love performing it! Two coins, a..
Umbrella Card Sword by Brad Toulouse-Maple Leaf Magic - Goocheltruc
The modern way to perform the classic Card Sword effect! The performer has a card selected and remem..
Sonic Stab by Loki Kross - Goochel DVD
Product with Videoclip... The modern-day Card Stab! Sonic Stab is a versatile card prediction rou..
Butterfly Playing Cards Marked (Red) by Ondrej Psenicka
Product with Videoclip... "The Butterfly deck will enable you to perform miracles not possible wi..
#Augmented (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Luca Volpe and Renato Cotini - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Create your own reality Are you ready to impress your audience and get ..
Dove Pan (Powder Coated Aluminum) by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
The Dove Pan is a classic prop that is used in hundreds of routines. A piece of paper that has been ..
Telepathy Clock (Electric) by Premium Magic - Goocheltruc
A great mind-reading trick! Be able to tell what time your spectator is thinking of with ease. Using..
Eyepad (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Wayne Dobson - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... A stunning, unique "Think of a Card" Trick A huge hit at Magic Live 201..
Wind-Up Playing Cards
Ready to get nostalgic about those wind-up toys you ended up handing down, or worse - putting in sto..
Sponge Ball to Rabbit (L) by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
Transform two white sponge balls into one large 3D sponge bunny right in front of your spectator's e..
Instant Magic Table by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
A tray (15 1/2" by 12") transforms into a sturdy, four-legged magic table. A visually magical way to..
Best of Belcher (Limited/Out of Print) by Len Belcher - Goochelboek
Best of Belcher contains wonderful stand-up material for family performers. Many of the effects and ..
PINcredible by Mr. Pearl - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... PINcredible, Mr. Pearl's newest trick, has been released! Mr. Pearl's r..
Pandoras Fortune Box (Plastic) by Mr Magic - Goocheltruc
A magical plastic box that can make your spectator believe their wildest financial dreams have come ..


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