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Prima levering zoals beloofd, zal zeker weer bij Vlieg-er-uit bestellen...



Prima communicatie en snel geleverd, alles was gewoon netjes zoals het hoort :)..

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Floating 7UP - Goocheltruc
Now perform this classic effect with a 7-Up can! A magician presents a can of 7-Up and an empty glas..
Ball & Vase Deluxe by Bazar de Magia - Trick
Ball &Vase Deluxe by Bazar De Magia Effect You receive a gimmicked cup and ball. Easy to do trick. ..
101 Tricks w/ Stripper Deck Booklet
101 Tricks w/ Stripper Deck Booklet..
101 Easy To Do Magic Tricks Tarr Dover
This abundantly illustrated, easy-to-followguide offers beginning magicians expert adivce fo..
Lorayne: The Classic Collection Vol. 4 by Harry Lorayne - Goochelboek
There's a reason for the success of any Harry Lorayne book. In the magic world, Harry Lorayne is con..
Deluxe Magic Set by Las Vegas Magic Company - Trick
This is a companion to the Deluxe Magic Set Instructional DVD which must be purchased separately. Th..
Card Warp (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD
Card Warp (World's Greatest Magic) View ClipImagine the best magic, the best magicians, and the bes..
Card Miracles Ammar- #1, DVD
The first three volumes took the magic world by storm. Consistently classic effects, broadcast quali..
Card Manipulations Book Dover Hugard
Illustrated Directions On How To Do Over 165 Card Tricks and Stunts Tothe magician and to..
Card College Volume 5 by Roberto Giobbi - Book
Card College Volume 5by Roberto GiobbiIt's finally here! In the fifth volume of the acclaimed Card C..
Card College Volume 4 by Roberto Giobbi - Book
Card College Volume 4by Roberto GiobbiLearn such invaluable sleights as the invisible pass, the turn..
Card College Volume 3 by Roberto Giobbi - Book
Card College Volume 3by Roberto GiobbiVolume Three contains instruction on such invaluable sleights ..
Card College Volume 2 by Roberto Giobbi - Book
Card College Volume 2 by Roberto Giobbi Picking up where VolumeOne left off, Volume Two te..
Card College Volume 1 by Roberto Giobbi - Book
Card College Volume 1by Roberto GiobbiThe first volume in this landmark course sets the groundwork f..
Boomerang Cards Across by Chazpro Magic - Trick
Boomarang Cards Across by Chazpro Magic EffectThe performer shows two printed ribbon spreads of card..
BOOKLET Scotch and Soda
BOOKLET Scotch and Soda.....
Blond in Bathtub Royal
Blond in Bathtub Royal.....
Basic Skill with Cards book
Basic Skill with Cardsby Jerry MentzerEffectBasic Skill With Cards A basic reference book for people..
Bashful Lock
A puzzler that will keep your friends guessing. Show a small metal lock. Ask a friend to open it. T..
Ball Vase Royal
The perfect magic trick for beginners. A ball is displayed in a handsome vase. The magician removes..
Disintegrator by S.S. Adams - Trick
Disintegratorby S.S. AdamsA ball placed in a box and then covered magically disappears!Age G..
Disintegration Chamber Royal
A red plastic ball simply melts away! The magician allows his spectators to examine a red plast..
Encyclopedia of Card Daryl- #3, DVD
Highly acclaimed since its release on VHS, magicians have been begging for the Daryl Encyclopedia of..
Dinner Table Magic (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD
Dinner Table Magic (World's Greatest Magic)Imagine the best magic, the bestmagicians, and the best p..
Dice-Tiny by David Ethan - Trick
Dice-Tinyby David Ethan View ClipEffectThree different colored dice are in a match box.The spectator..
Cut And Restored Rope (With Rope) by Royal Magic - Trick
Cut And Restored Rope (With Rope)by Royal MagicThe Cut AndRestored Rope is one of the best-known fea..
Cups & Balls Hampton Ridge, DVD
Magicians argue over whether or not the Cups and Balls is theoldest magic trick on record. What ..
Color Divination by Bazar de Magia - Trick
Color Divination by Bazar De Magia Effect Withthis easy to do trick you will amaze your spectators w..
Coins Through Hand by Bazar de Magia - Trick
Coins Through Hand by Bazar De Magia Effect With this easy to do trick you make a coin go through yo..
Clever Sponge Ball Magic by Duane Laflin - DVD
Clever Sponge Ball Magicby Duane LaflinBegins with a completesponge ball stage act. Following the ro..


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