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Kaarten bicycle

Super goede kaarten voor een super goede prijs! Ook nog eens een snelle levering! Wat wil een mens nog meer? ;p..

Maarten O.
collector decks grifters Tru double take mental pen


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Television Puppet Magic (Limited/Out of Print) by Ian Adair - Goochelboek
Television Puppet Magic, by Ian Adair, is considered by some to be the bible of hand puppetry work. ..
Rag Picture Shows (Limited/Out of Print) by Eric Hawkesworth - Goochelboek
Rag pictures are "cut-out" geometric shapes composed mainly from felt, plastic, foam, etc. These sha..
Mainly Manipulative Magic (Limited/Out of Print) by John Alborough - Goochelboek
A fantastic book filled with classic manipulation. You will find excellent illustrations and easy-to..
Conjuring (Limited/Out of Print) by Eric Hawkesworth - Goochelboek
A great book for the stand-up performer. This is filled with fabulous stand-up routines and a wide v..
Baker's Bonanza (Limited/Out of Print) by Roy Baker - Goochelboek
Roy Baker's PATIO force is a thing of beauty... this is only one of the many Gems found within the p..
Routined Manipulations Part 2 (Limited/Out of Print) by Lewis Ganson - Goochelboek
This is the second book in a three-book series. Routined Manipulation Part 2 is filled with great ma..
Rink's Magic from Holland (Limited/Out of Print) by Hugh Miller - Goochelboek
This book contains a lot of rare effects. These, along with the instructions, are all very solid. Th..
Billy Benbow's Best by Bill Lainsbury - Goochelboek
Kids' show performers pay attention! Billy Benbow's Best contains a number of great stand-up routine..
Cy Endfield's Entertaining Card Magic (Limited/Out of Print) - Goochelboek
The Material in this book was originally published in themid 50' in three separate volumes. Cy Endfi..
Merry Bits and Patter Quips by Richard Merry - Goochelboek
A great book PACKED with bits and one-liners for performers. All bits and lines are categorized by e..
Introducing Bill's Magic (Limited-Out of Print) by William G. Stickland - Goochelboek
Introducing Bill's Magic is a fantastic book, loaded with great magic for parlor and stage. The mate..
Profit at the Party (Limited/Out of Print) by David Hallett - Goochelboek
Profit at the Party, by David Hallett, is a fantastic book containing activities and bits of busines..
Emotional Mentalism Volume 3 by Luca Volpe - Goochelboek
After the worldwide success of Emotional Mentalism Volumes 1 & 2, Luca Volpe is back with the final ..
The Sympathetic Silks by Lewis Ganson - Goochelboek
Lewis Ganson exposes all the secrets to this classic effect. Not only the basics like tying and unty..
Two in the Hand and One in the Pocket by Lewis Ganson - Goochelboek
A classic explained in detail: Three small objects are shown, two are placed into the left hand a..
Audience Tested Originalities by Graham Reed - Goochelboek
Audience Tested Originalities, by Graham Reed, features great material for both the close-up work..
Rovi Reveals by Lewis Ganson - Goochelboek
Rovi Reveals, by Lewis Ganson, contains VERY solid effects that are extremely strong and memorable. ..
Polished Presentations by Johnny Cooper - Goochelboek
Polished Presentations contains classic stand-up and close-up magic with cards, ropes, Cups & Balls,..
The Three Card Monte as Entertainment by Lewis Ganson - Goochelboek
This book is one of the best sources for those who want to learn the Three Card Monte. Ganson's teac..
21st Century Canasta by Mark Elsdon
Bleeding-edge mentalism designed in the image of Chan Canasta. A participant takes a borrowed deck a..
Bernard's Lesson on Dice Stacking by Lewis Ganson - Goochelboek
In this fantastic book, Lewis Ganson covers all aspects of dice stacking from Bobby Bernard. Some of..
The Magic of Pavel (Limited-Out of Print) Edited by Peter Warlock - Goochelboek
Of course, Pavel is known throughout the world for his wonderful rope work, but Pavel brought just a..
Best Sellers (Limited-Out of Print) by Tom Sellers - Goochelboek
Best Sellers contains a wide variety of effects from Tom Sellers. Tom Sellers was the originator of ..
Cards in Cabaret by Ken de Courcy - Goochelboek
What do Billy McComb, Ken de Courcy, Frank Garcia, Stanton Carlisle, and John Wade all have in commo..
Bill Wests Routines in Rhyme - Goochelboek
Bill West was known for being able to routine classic effects in a way that made performing them eas..
The Dream Card Revisited (The Ultimate Card to Wallet) - A Comprehensive Guide by David Malek - Goochelboek
The Dream Card Revisited is a comprehensive guide to the ultimate Signed Card to Wallet routine (the..
Magic of Frederica (Limited-Out of Print) Edited by Lewis Ganson
The Magic of Frederica (Tommy Frederick) contains fantastic material for the stand-up performer as w..
Magic in a Game by John Palfreyman - Goochelboek
Magic in a Game is a great resource for magic games to play at kids' parties. There are some VERY fu..
Magic with Faucett Ross (Limited/Out of Print) by Lewis Ganson - Goochelboek
Magic with Faucett Ross is a classic and a rare find in the book world. Very limited supplies availa..
The Bank Note in Lemon Trick - Goochelboek
This pamphlet contains a fantastic version of The Bank Note in Lemon. The handling is simple and ext..


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