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The Oink Oink Playing Cards is the first deck designed by the Carbon Creations Card Company team. The deck has been designed and tweaked for a while now, and we are finally happy with how it turned out.

We are proud to present the Oink Oink Playing Cards.

We love playing cards and as cardists or magicians, it's a huge staple and essential to be able to perform. Regardless whether you're a magician, player, cardist or collector, we have one thing we all have in common: our passion for playing cards.

With this deck, we wanted to create a fun and simple deck of cards. We chose to go in the direction of a simplistic but rather cute and funny pig design in a beautiful pink color.

This deck has a design in the centre of the deck that makes it easier to focus on the deck when it's in motion. This effect works especially well in spins and isolation but enhances displays as well. The contrast between the dark and light pink also makes the deck very eye catching.

The Oink Oink Playing Cards is printed by Hanson Chien Productions in their factory in Taiwan. Hanson Chien Productions has printed a lot of well renowned playing cards like the Echo playing cards by Lotus in Hands and the Odyssey playing cards series. Due to our experience from their previous playing cards, we can ensure that this deck will be of the highest quality.

As we are cardists and magicians, we know the importance of a high quality deck of playing cards when performing and would never produce any decks we wouldn't use ourselves. After taking these factors into consideration, we have chosen to go with Hanson Chien Productions classic stock with the legendary finish, as it lasts for a very long time without being overly oily. We also feel like it has a nice amount of snap without being too thick or too stiff.

The back design is a very simplistic and cartoony depiction of a pig's snout. The deck also comes packaged in a tuck box based on the entire pig instead of just its snout. The front of the tuck case is a pig's head, and the back of the tuck case is based on a pig butt and even has a little tail. The box also says OINK on both sides.

The faces of the cards are mostly standard but the pips have been recolored to match the back. The Court cards have pig snouts to fit the theme. The deck also comes with a fully custom Ace. The deck also includes a blank card and a duplicate King of Diamonds for magic (no Jokers are included, as we were only able to print a total of 54 cards and the public on Instagram has voted that they preferred gaffs over Jokers).

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Oink Oink Playing Cards

  • € 15,00

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