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The Color of Mystery by Scott Alexander - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... If you liked Hanky Panky, you will love The Color of Mystery. Silk magi..
Tricks Against Humanity by Seymour B. - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... In the world of magic, there exist tricks... not discussed in polite co..
The Comedy Cockpit! Visual gags to take you to a higher altitude! by Graham Hey - Goochelboek
Product with Videoclip... A brand new collection of visual gags, one liners and ideas for anyone ..
Emoticon ENGLISH EDITION by UnderMagic - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... After the great success of the Spanish edition, at last you can perform..
Airborne Pro and Glass by G Sparks - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... "Clearly the worlds' quietest airborne." WHISPER SILENT ACTION NO TOP C..
50 Crazy Card Stunts by U.F. Grant - Goochelboek
Do you like making your audience laugh? Humor can bring a lot to your performance, and to the audien..
The FLY by Marcos Waldemar - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Welcome to THE FLY! THE FLY is a new magical effect in which a fly runs..
BALLS by Rand Woodbury - Goochel DVD
Rand Woodbury is a professional entertainer who loves the sounds of laughter; because that means the..
Airborne Wine-O by G Sparks - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... "G Sparks simple airborne illusion with a beautiful stemless wine glass..
Airborne Rocks by G Sparks - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... "Want to change your airborne look or just have a back-up glass?"YOU NE..
Merry Bits and Patter Quips by Richard Merry - Goochelboek
A great book PACKED with bits and one-liners for performers. All bits and lines are categorized by e..
Sorcery's Close Up Linking Rings
Product with Videoclip... Sorcery's Close Up Linking Rings is the perfect close-up ..
You Are Sooo Funny! (Putting Comedy Into Your Magic Show) by Alan Rich - Goochelboek
Do you get applause, but not much laughter? Wouldn't it be wonderful to generate both? This book can..
White Magic by Nicolas Subra - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... NICOLAS SUBRA presents his first marketed creation: An original trick/g..
Automatic Milk Glass by Aprendemagia - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... An amazing improvement of a magic classic. You will receive a glass spe..
Comedy Coin by Devin Knight - Goocheltruc
Effect: Here is a very novel, comedy close-up prediction effect that your spectators haven't seen be..
Mysto the Mouse by G Sparks
Product with Videoclip... "Mysto the Mouse always finds the chosen prize" EASY AND FUN TO DO MYST..
Nick Lewins Taking Credit - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Perfect for any working pro, or for anyone who wants to be a commercial..
Flash the Cannonball Flea by G Sparks - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... "There is a flash from the stage as the flea appears, the flagpole move..
Comedy Glass in Paper Cone by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
Suitable for stage or parlor, this trick is angle proof and requires no setup. Introduce a cup and a..
Ping Pong Zombie by G Sparks
Product with Videoclip... "A ping pong ball floats around like a zombie." AN IMPROMPTU ZOMBIE CLO..
Tunnel Vision by G Sparks
Product with Videoclip... "Tunnel Vision creates new ways to appear, vanish and multiply a ball."..
Amazing Presidential Lie Tie by Milt Larsen - Goocheltruc
MILT LARSEN'S COMEDY GROWING TIE, a funny sight gag for magicians and speakers! Now also known as th..
Mismade Flag With A Twist (14inch x 21inch) by Magic by Gosh - Goocheltruc
Welcome to a classic piece of magic! In your hands, you now have a great trick that has plenty of wo..
Half Full by Scott Alexander and Puck - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Half Full is yet another effect in Scott Alexander and Puck's line of p..
Card to Pocket RC by G Sparks - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... "A classic trick, now with push button ease."VISUAL COMEDY MAGICA QUIC..
Sponge Magic Wand from Magic by Gosh
You know about sponge balls and sponge rabbits. Now, here's a Sponge Magic Wand! Imagine your audien..
Yo Yo Bag by G Sparks
Product with Videoclip... "A beautiful drawstring bag that will vanish or appear any small item u..
Lolli Hero (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Steve Rowe - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Imagine being able to show a lollipop to a spectator before placing it ..
Comedy Electric Chair by Amazo Magic - Goocheltruc
With this chair (the lightest and thinnest on the market), you can add a humorous touch to your perf..


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