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After the great success of the Spanish edition, at last you can perform Emoticon fully translated and adapted to English!

The entire script, gags and emojis have been redesigned to make sense in English.

Directly from Dakris' repertoire, Spanish Champion of Magic, comes this fresh stage routine full of comedy and tenderness.

Effect is as follows:

A spectator thinks of a movie from 52 choices, and the magician has to guess his movie and tell its story using a jumbo shuffled deck with emoticon faces and designs. The script has plenty of gags and magic and ends with a big surprise that will allow you to connect with your audience.

The routine really "packs small, plays big," is easy to do, has an instant reset, and is 8 minutes long.

Package includes:
  • Jumbo Emoticon Deck ("Titanic" story)
  • Bicycle deck blank faces
  • Sharpie marker
  • English instructional video starring Cliff The Magician
  • English script
IMPORTANT NOTE: This routine works only with the "Titanic" story because of the emojis, designs and script.

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Emoticon ENGLISH EDITION by UnderMagic - Goocheltruc

  • € 69,95

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