• Silly Wand Trick (Pack of 2) by Silly Billy
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Do you do kids' shows? Do you want your audience to howl with laughter? Then Silly Wand Trick is for you! Two 8" wands turn into a twisty, silly wand that is 28" long. Comes with a booklet of 101 gags, jokes, and bits of business that you can do with the wand. You can use it like a trouble bit, spell letters and numbers, so many choices!

Silly Billy's favorite bit is to hand it to your child helper. It stretches out and everyone laughs. Do funny stuff with it (from the 101 suggestions in the booklet). THEN say, "The wand can be long or short. For this trick, it must be short." Close the wand to 8 inches. Hand the wand to the child, turn your back to find a prop, and the kid stretches it out! All his friends love it! He got the better of the magician. This is a classic "Magician in Trouble" routine. Return to the child and reiterate that the wand should be short. Close it back down. Turn your back and the kid pulls it open again! Funny! Parents will laugh, too!59400-alt1.png|59400-alt1-thumb.png,59400-alt2.png|59400-alt2-thumb.png,59400-alt3.png|59400-alt3-thumb.png,59400-alt4.png|59400-alt4-thumb.png,59400-alt5.png|59400-alt5-thumb.png

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Silly Wand Trick (Pack of 2) by Silly Billy

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