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Silver Dream - Coin DVD by Justin Miller
Three half dollar coins visually, individually disappear into thin air. The handling is fluid a..
€35,00 €17,00
Tired of bending forks? Borrow a deck of cards. Ask the spectator to pick out any card from the..
€24,95 €13,00
Mercury by David Kong
MERCURY BY DAVID KONG "Just when you think it's over, it has not even begun..." Perfo..
€16,50 €9,00
King Rising
IMPACT OF LEVITATION: the performer talks about harnessing power from the earth. He asserts that ..
€28,00 €14,00
KAOS by Sean Beard
A card is selected, signed, then mixed back into the deck. Standing on one side of the wind..
€29,95 €15,00
Indecent by Wayne Houchin
In life and in magic, there exists a line where the possible meets the impossible. There's ..
€29,95 €15,00
Crash 2 Amitiouxs Card
Don't even think it's like any other video you've seen. The video delivers blinding perfo..
€44,95 €22,00
Army of 52 - Gaff Deck Training DVD
A gaff card is a specially printed card designed to fit in with your normal deck. What makes ..
€34,95 €15,00
UltraGaff Tricks & Effects Training DVD Volume 3
UltraGaff Tricks &Effects Training DVD One of a kind teaching by the crea..
€34,95 €17,00
UltraGaff Tricks & Effects Training DVD Volume 2
UltraGaff Tricks &Effects Training DVD One of a kind teaching by the crea..
€34,95 €17,00
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