• Mercury by David Kong


"Just when you think it's over, it has not even begun..."

Perform it anytime, anywhere
No trick-cards, no gimmicks
Ultra-smooth, natural handling
Numerous performances on the street
30 minutes of intricate instruction

Four cards are shown-- cleanly, clearly, and naturally-- to your spectators. They're thefour aces, the most esteemed cards in the deck.

In your hands, the cards are brought together in one pile. With a snap, the cards are spread once more-- slowly. One of thecards, without even a flinch, has reversed itself.

Ithappens again.

And again, until all of thecards have now reversed in the most direct, fair, impossible manner you can dream of.

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Mercury by David Kong

  • Merk: Ellusionist
  • Model: EL-MERCURY
  • Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
  • € 16,50
  • € 9,00