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Arjan van Krimpen


Merk: Ellusionist
Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
Prijs: €24,95 €13,00
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Tired of bending forks? Borrow a deck of cards. Ask the spectator to pick out any card from the deck. It does not matter which.
You can barely even touch the card as it is placed on the back of your hand.

Full Overview

 As you stare at the card intently you will draw your middle finger across the length of the card from a few inches above - at no time do you touch the card. Slowly, at first almost imperceptibly, the card begins to bend upward.

The only way a card can bend normally is for a person to apply pressure to the edges and actually bend it, but at no time does this happen. You. Don't. Touch. The. Card.

They see it happen. It happens before their eyes as the seconds tick by. They can stare at the card until their blood runs cold and they won't know what happened.


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