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UltraGaff Tricks & Effects Training DVD Volume 2

UltraGaff Tricks & Effects Training DVD Volume 2
Merk: Ellusionist
Model: el-ultragaffdvd2
Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
Prijs: €34,95 €17,00
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UltraGaff Tricks &Effects Training DVD
One of a kind teaching by the creators of the UltraGaff
Garcia and Houchin. Asmagicians who make a strong living from doing magic, they need to be ahead of everything out there. They give themselves a chance to do things that are not just amazing, butcompletely impossible.

So they designed the UltraGaff Deck. These were the impossible-to-get playing cards they wanted for their own performances. Simple cards that are used to deny reality.

If you have the chance to have USPC/Ellusionist make you anything you want - you take it. You put all the ingenuity you can into the design of the cards. You take the process that made "Stigmata" and"Fraud"whattheyare today, and apply itto playing cards.

UltraGaff isa deckof specialized playingcards, 'gaffed' cards, that are meant to fit in quietly with a normal deck of Bicycle playing cards. On this page you can purchase the DVD training that allows you to perform the exact tricks


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