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A super illusion performed in the palm of your hand!

This baffling illusion is accomplished with miniature props small enough to hold in your hand, but produces an impact that blows minds! With nothing more than a mini deck of cards and the cleverly gimmicked frame, you will be able to show your audiences a complete impossibility, mere inches from their eyes. Pop this into your pocket, and you will always be ready to perform a miniature illusion show on demand!

1. A spectator selects a mini card, and returns it. The cards are inserted into the card box, which is then covered snugly by a frame.

2. Stab a metal blade through the center of the frame!

3. Although the blade undoubtedly penetrated through the case, the cards remain unharmed! Upon further examination, one card has a slice mark through its center - that card is none other than the spectator's selection!

All props can be examined by the audience at the end of your performance!

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Mystery Blade 2020 by Tenyo Magic - Goocheltruc

  • € 22,00

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