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Na het bestellen werd ik dezelfde ochtend nog opgebeld door de eigenaar met de vraag of ik niet een fout had gemaakt m.b.t. een verf (ik had inderdaad een fout gemaakt). Elke andere winkel had dit gew..

Roy P

flames of war

Geweldige service met ongelofelijk fijne up to date info over alles in de bestellingen die gemaakt worden Gekoppeld aan zeer vriendelijk personeel dat je te woord staat is deze winkel de parel van..

tim engelbert
collector decks grifters Tru double take mental pen


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At The Table Live Marc Spelmann - Goochel DVD
Product with Videoclip... For over 20 years Marc Spelmann has been captivating audiences all over..
Especially Yours by Stanton Carlisle  - Goochelboek
Stanton Carlisle's Especially Yours is an EXTREMELY RARE and hard-to-find book in the world of menta..
SIGNS (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Vernet - Goocheltruc
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Chris Philpott's PANTHEON - Goocheltruc
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Lynx Blackboard XL by Joao Miranda Magic - special order (email me )
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Kayfabe (4 DVD set) by Max Maven and Luis De Matos - Goochel DVD
Product with Videoclip... BREAKING KAYFABE 'Kayfabe' means secret, and the latest DVD album from ..
HUMINT by Phill Smith - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Interrogators prize two skills above all others: the ability to detect ..
The Hofner Quintet by John Hofner - Goochelboek
The Hofner Quintet offers three complete mentalism effects for stage. Each effect is taught in great..
Inject 2 System (In App Instructions) by Greg Rostami - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Magic that's ALWAYS with you. "Rostami brings magic into the 21st centu..
Jack Yates Card Caprice by Ken de Courcy - Goochelboek
Card Caprice contains two of Jack Yates' most coveted effects. Jack's Wallet is a combination Mental..
Mental Epic Slate Painted by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
Your three predictions written on a slate will perfectly match your three spectators' different sele..
Crystal Thought Condenser by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
An intimate card trick and a mystifying way in which to reveal a chosen card. First, have a card sel..
ESP Origins Deck Only (Red) by Marchand de Trucs - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... The game, ESP Origins, became one of the most popular ESP games on the ..
ESP Origins Deck Only (Blue) by Marchand de Trucs - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... The game, ESP Origins, became one of the most popular ESP games on the ..
PaperCut by Beau Cremer - Goochel DVD
Product with Videoclip... The PERFECT Halloween Effect! Reveal ANYTHING in the creepiest (and coo..
Svenlopes SUPERHEROES (4 x 6 Black) by Sven Lee - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Achieve the utmost in your mental miracles. This ingenius prop does the..
Your Mind is Still My Playground by Vincent Hedan - Goochelboek
Do you love performing incredible mentalism effects that fry your audience? Would you like learning ..
Rapture (2 DVD Set) by Ross Taylor and Fraser Parker - Goochel DVD
Product with Videoclip... "Ross and Fraser are on the cutting edge with their Avant Garde approac..
PaC Stack: Fully Constructed (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Paul Carnazzo - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Imagine having a spectator write a word, or draw an image, on a blank b..
He's Not Here (DVD and Gimmicks) by Jamie Daws and Alakazam Magic - Goochel DVD
Product with Videoclip... He's Not Here is the third installment in the Jamie Daws Dark Series. W..
The Gordon Diary Trick Complete Package (DVD and Gimmick) by Paul Gordon - Goochel DVD
Product with Videoclip... The Gordon Diary Trick is, in our opinion, the best diary effect ever. ..
Cube Cards Remixed Upgrade Edition by Kev G
Product with Videoclip... "A wonderful routine that's easy to do and excellent for table hopping"..
Cubed Card by Catanzarito Magic - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Perform 5 Amazing Magic Effects with a Single Business-Sized Card! New ..
Emotional Mentalism Volume 3 by Luca Volpe - Goochelboek
After the worldwide success of Emotional Mentalism Volumes 1 & 2, Luca Volpe is back with the final ..
Social Networks by Sylvain Vip and Maxime Schucht and Marchand de Trucs  - Goocheltruc
Product with Videoclip... Social Networks is a tool that will give a contemporary and emotional s..
The Sight Unseen Case by Mark Strivings
The Most Versatile Device of Its Kind Anywhere... The hottest utility item in decades! You get a bus..
The Sight Unseen Case - Generation II by Mark Strivings
The original Sight Unseen Case has become one of THE standard devices for the working mentalist and ..
Commander Light by Mr. Magic - Goocheltruc
Fully examinable by your spectators, this light can be turned off and on at your command from a dist..
Small World by Patrick G. Redford - Goochelboek
A hard-hitting, ten-card effect that's out of this world! Small World is a powerful, three-phase car..
Pocket Minds by Unknown Mentalist - Goocheltruc
Five mind blowing effects. Stunning mentalism you can carry in your pocket or wallet. Just one singl..


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