• *Roth Ultimate Coin Magic Collection- #1, DVD

Magic with Copper/Silver Coins &Expanded Shells

  • Copper/Silver TranspositionThe ultimate version of a time-honored classic!
  • Presto ChangoA startingly visual quickie where two coinsone copper, one silvergo through some miraculous changes that will leave your audiences breathless.
  • Chinatown Half I &IITwo fantastic methods for the classic transposition between a Chinese coin and an American half-dollar.
  • A Coin Predictiona standard gaffed coin is used for a mentalism miracle.
  • Coins Across with ShellPerhaps the ultimate version of the Winged Silver plot as four coins magically travel from one hand to the other and finally, to the spectators closed hand!
  • Photo CoinsA tiny, blank piece of photo paper, initialed by a spectator, is sandwiched between two coins and develops an image of a selected card.
  • Coins Through GlassA visual penetration of a coin straight through the bottom of an ordinary drinking glass.
  • Coins Through TableA virtually sleight-free version of a coin magic classic!
  • Half and a QuarterA visual stunner as a quarter, passed beneath a half-dollar, visiblychanges into another half. It then changes backand everything can be examined!
  • Perfected Coin Through HandkerchiefA version of the classic effect that will even fool magicians.

Magic with Folding Coins &Specialty Gaffs

  • Magic MintA half-dollar magically appears alongside a previously displayed quarter. The half is put away and then the quarter magically changesintostillanother half -dollar.Coin In BottleAclassic of magic with a Roth-style ending. Ahalf-dollaris magicallypassed into a bottle. The coin is removed by turning the bottle inside outwhich is proven by the fact that the bottles label is now on the inside!
  • Coins Through TableA visual stunner as the coins not only pass through the table but visibly vanish as
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*Roth Ultimate Coin Magic Collection- #1, DVD

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