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TIGHT SPOT (DVD+GIMMICK) by Jay Sankey - Goocheltruc

TIGHT SPOT (DVD+GIMMICK) by Jay Sankey - Goocheltruc
Merk: Sankey Magic
Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
Prijs: €30,00
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The performer hands out an ordinary key to be examined and shows his hands undeniably empty (with his sleeves rolled up.) He then demonstrates a shocking series of optical illusions with the key, and finishes by somehow pushes his finger through the tiny hole in the key. A moment later, the key is handed back to the spectator's for close examination.
  • Instantly resets
  • Requires only basic sleight of hand
  • Custom gimmick fits all sizes of fingers
BONUS TRICK: RAINDANCE - Jay reveals the secrets to his extremely cool 'Raindance' effect where he causes a sip of water or liquor to appear inside the cap of an ordinary Sharpie marker.
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