• Frozen by Nefesch - Goocheltruc*

The performer walks up to a total stranger and asks them if they have a coin which the magician will use. Spectator initials or marks the coin. Spectator drops the coin in the performer's hand.

The performer steps back a few feet, holds his hands at arms length and then blows toward his hand. Billows of "cold breath" puff forth with a cloud of (safe) smoke, like when you breathe on a cold day.

The performer holds his hands over the spectator's, and cold drops of water drip forth. The performer slowly opens his hands, and a chunk of ice falls out into the spectator's awaiting hands. The spectator can then take the ice with them and wait for it to thaw to retrieve his coin...yes it is the same one.

It is that clean, and THAT amazing!

Like all of Nefesch's items, this one requires no difficult sleights, and will require you to make the needed gimmick yourself. Like all of Nefesch's items, the gimmick is easy and inexpensive to prepare.

This booklet is over 45 pages with over 50 photographic illustrations, and teaches not one but TWO versions of this effect. One with less preparation, but which requires greater performance skill (Audience management, not sleight of hand) and another which is easier to perform, but slightly more involved to set up.

In addition, purchasers of this item will have access to a special hidden section of the Lizard Talk Forum, which will be visited by Nefesch and Titanas on a regular basis so you can ask questions, chat, and brainstorm ideas.

Approximately Pages 45 - Soft Bound

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Frozen by Nefesch - Goocheltruc*

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