• *Shapeshifter and Other Moves by Marc DeSouza

The DVD makes watching the content a joy. Blistering graphics, ultra hot beats and a screen-by-screen menu system that puts full control of the DVD navigation in your hands. Plays worldwide.

Used constantly by top pros in hard hitting magic specials.

The Shapeshifter is used in television constantly by top pro magicians, including Blaine. If you watch his Specials, Street Magic and Magic Man you'll see huge reactions when Blaine performs the move.

Shapeshifter / the most stunningly visual card change.

There has never before been an authorized video documenting full instruction of this incredible move by Marc DeSouza himself. Visually WARP one card into another in milliseconds.

BLINK and you'll miss it.

The Shapeshifter Color Change is an effect of great precision and intricate handling. When Shapeshifter is performedincorrectly, it's not a pretty sight. Learn it right the first time and perform it perfectly from the start. If you perform the move now and don't feel it's quite right, you'll quickly correct that and be doing it perfectly with total precision and finesse.

Shapeshifter demands perfection. Every bit of care was taken in preparation of the instruction segment of thismindblowing DVD. Learn the dynamite effect and numerous other moves direct from the source, direct from the originator of the now infamous SHAPESHIFTER, Marc DeSouza. Intense, intimate teaching and unparalleled bonuses.

Small hands? Brad teaches a new way to perform the Shapeshifter with blistering speed so that small hands will not get in the way.

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*Shapeshifter and Other Moves by Marc DeSouza

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