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Codex: Tau Empire (Hb) (English)

Codex: Tau Empire (Hb) (English)
Codex: Tau Empire (Hb) (English)
Merk: Games Workshop
Model: 56-01-60
Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
Prijs: €32,50 €27,65
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The Tau Empire is spreading, its boundless ambitions yet to be checked. Although world after world has been subsumed under their control, the Tau believe it is only the start of their new unified order, the first steps of a long journey that will end in a better existence for all. In their hearts they know it is their destiny to bring the light of truth to a galaxy drowning in darkness, and none have the right to deny their progress across the stars. If resistance is encountered, negotiations are swiftly and aggressively replaced with a purely military solution.

Codex: Tau Empire contains a wealth of background and rules - the definitive book for Tau Empire collectors. Within the 136-page hardback, youll find:

- A New Empire Dawns: an introduction to the Tau Empire, their attitude toward rapid expansion and the caste system of their society;
- The Rise of the Tau: an overview of the incredibly quick evolution of the Tau, and the sudden arrival of the Ethereals;
- Art of War: the ancient tactical philosophies and customs still in use by Tau warriors, and their applications to interplanetary warfare, including the arts of Kauyon and Montka:
- A Destiny to Rule the Stars: the story of the Tau Empires expansion into the wider galaxy, including descriptions of their first contact with the Imperium, and details of the Septs of the First, Second and Third spheres of expansion;
- A map of the Tau Empires territories at the time of the Fifth sphere of expansion;
- The language and culture of the Tau, with a guide to names and their alphabet;
- Descriptions of the Tau Empires military organisation, including an example expeditionary force, markings for 21 Septs and examples of team, helmet and battlesuit markings;
- Example colour schemes for 12 Septs;
- A timeline of major events and battles in the Tau Empires history;
- Background on each unit available to a Tau Empire army;
- A showcase of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures, with example armies featuring everything from individual images of models to battle scenes on terrain.


Everything you need to get a Tau Empire army primed for games of Warhammer 40,000 is in here:

- 38 datasheets providing rules for every Tau Empire unit and miniature;
- Army abilities reflecting the Tau Empires methods of war on the tabletop;
- Arsenal of the Empire: wargear both ranged and close-combat for use by the Tau Empire;
- Points values for all miniatures, weapons and wargear for use in Matched Play games;
- Supremacy Through Unity: rules for Battle-forged armies, including:
- 25 unique Stratagems, including 6 specific to the following Septs: Tau, SaCea, Viorla, Borkan, Dalyth, and Farsight Enclaves
- 6 Sept Tenets: special rules for each of the following Septs: Tau, SaCea, Viorla, Borkan, Dalyth, and Farsight Enclaves;
- 6 unique Tau Empire Warlord Traits, along with 6 additional Sept-specific traits - 1 each for Tau, SaCea, Viorla, Borkan, Dalyth, and Farsight Enclaves Septs;
- Signature Systems: 12 pieces of bleeding-edge weapon and artefacts, technology available exclusively to the Tau;
- 6 unique Tactical Objectives.

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