Ork: meganobz

Ork: meganobz
Ork: meganobz

This multi-part plastic boxed set contains three Meganobz and a Grot Oiler. Each Meganob
is armed with a power klaw and a twin-linked shoota (which can be upgraded to a kombi
shoota-rokkit launcha or a kombi shoota-skorcha). In addition to the deadly dakka this kit also
has enough killsaws to give each of your Meganobz a pair.

One Meganob can
be assembled as a Big Mek in mega armour armed with a kustom mega-blasta and power
klaw (which also functions as Mek’s tool for battlefield repairs). You have the option to equip
your Big Mek with a back mounted kustom forcefield or a tellyport blasta. 

€ 46,75
€ 55,00
Excl. BTW: € 46,75
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  • Model: 50-08
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