Ork: kustom boosta-blasta

Ork: kustom boosta-blasta
Ork: kustom boosta-blasta

Multi-part plastic kit - Previously available in Speed Freeksbox
Armed with a roof-mounted Rivet Kannon crewed by a stikkbomb-wielding Ork

Armed with an enormous turret-mounted rivet gun this vehicle is bane of heavy infantry and light tanks alike while up-close it’ll incinerate hordes with an array of burna exhausts. If anything manages to survive just charge it and let your spiked ram do the rest…

This set includes 68 plastic components with which to build a Kustom Boosta-blasta plus a 150mm Oval Base.

€ 36,15
€ 42,50
Excl. BTW: € 36,15
  • Stock: Op voorraad
  • Model: 50-37
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