Blood Bowl: Norse Team Card Pack

Blood Bowl: Norse Team Card Pack
Blood Bowl: Norse Team Card Pack
Don't miss a beat on the pitch! This deck of 44 cards will help you keep track of stats and profiles for your Norse team as well as positions and Star Players. It also includes Special
Play cards exclusively for use with Norse teams.

– 6x Player Reference cards for the Ulfwerener Berserker Valkyrie Beer Boar Norse Raider Lineman and Yhetee
– 3x Star Player cards for Ivar Eriksson Skrog Snowpelt and Thorsson Stoutmead
– 8x Magical Memorabilia Special Play cards
– 8x Heroic Feats Special Play cards
– 18x Blank Positional Cards to fill in for each player on your team: 9x Norse Raider Lineman 2x Ulfwerener 2x Berserker 2x Valkyrie 2x Beer Boar and x1 Yhetee
– One all-important card that explains how to use all of the above cards with a red card on the reverse

You'll need a copy of Blood Bowl – The Official Rules and Spike! Journal Issue 14 to make full use of these cards.
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