Onedrop - CODE2 Nautilus

Community One Drop Experiment's (CODE's) second release is codenamed "Nautilus."

CODE, short for Community One Drop Experiment, is a player-driven development project for new advancements in yo-yo design. ideas are voted on through onedrop's community forums, and the agreed-upon designs see mass production. The CODE2 Nautilus, as the name suggests, is the project's second release to date.

Compared to the original CODE1, the steps within the inner rim have been removed, giving the CODE2 a smooth, refreshing shape. In addition to the multi-stepped, grooved inner sides, the CODE2 has a very low edge, for even better spin for a yo-yo its size and weight while minimizing sleep loss. The grooves reduce friction against the string during play, and also gives the yo-yo a lovely texture for grinding tricks.

It's neither too heavy nor too light, with a finely balanced weight distribution. The size suits the preferences of the modern hardcore yo-yo player. And to top it all off, the Nautilus comes with onedrop's Side Effects, giving you even more chance to customize it. The CODE2 Nautilus was designed by players, for players.
Diameter: 56 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 44 mm / 1.73 inches
Gap Width: 4.85 mm / .19 inches
Weight: 66.8 grams
Bearing Size: One Drop 10 Ball Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: One Drop Flow Groove Pads

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Code2 yoyo by Onedrop

  • Merk: CLYW Yoyos
  • Model: YOYO-code2
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