Defence Of The North (English)

Defence Of The North (English)
Defence Of The North (English)
Inside this 112-page hardback supplement you'll find:

– History of the North: An overview of the background of Middle-earth’s northern lands including Sauron’s attack on the area during the War of the Ring.
– Scenarios: 18 narrative play Scenarios including background board layouts objectives rules and more.
– Defence of the North Campaign: Rules to link the 18 Scenarios together into one extended campaign or three individual campaigns that can be played on their own.
– Armies: Background details and rules for eight armies that fought in the Rhovanion namely the Garrison of Dale Erebor Reclaimed Lothlorien Halls of Thranduil Beornings
Easterlings Mordor and Dark Denizens of Mirkwood. Each section features the units and Army Bonus available to that army list and tactical insight on the strengths and weaknesses
of your force. You’ll also find rules for notable units who fought during these wars.
– Legendary Legions: Rules for six Legions representing the Army of Dale Defenders of Erebor the Bearings Host of the Dragon Emperor Fell Beings of Mirkwood and Assault of
Lothlorien. Each provides a restricted army composition that grants an additional suite of rules for the Legion to take advantage of.
– Appendix: Provides additional background and four scenarios for reenacting historical battles across Rhovanion including the Destruction of Dale Battle for Dale the Battle of the
Five Armies and the High Pass.
– Showcase: Get inspired with lavish displays of key miniatures from the Citadel and Forge World ranges.

You will need a copy of the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game Rules Manual Armies of the Lord of the Rings and Armies of the Hobbit to use this expansion.
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