Eisenhorn --- Webstore Exclusive

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    Eisenhorn --- Webstore ExclusiveEisenhorn --- Webstore Exclusive

Eisenhorn --- Webstore Exclusive

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The Inquisition is the most powerful organisation of the Imperium’s many branches. Its agents the Inquisitors command fear and respect in equal measure. They are creatures of myth as much as flesh and blood relentless beings who descend from on high to pass judgment upon the mutant the traitor and the heretic. Known as a man of steely resolve and purity of willpower Gregor Eisenhorn is a legendary Inquisitor who in his career has moved from the ideology of the Puritan to that of the Radical – a journey which has led to accusations of heresy more than once though Eisenhorn has always proved himself to be naught but righteous. Those who have crossed Eisenhorn’s path and lived are seldom eager to invite his attention again.

This multi-part resin kit contains the components necessary to assemble Eisenhorn. The miniature depicts Eisenhorn in his younger days – high cheekbones a glorious jawline and slicked hair frame an imperious Inquisitorial scowl. He carries a variety of the tools with which he carries out his solemn duties – an artificer bolt pistol in his right hand a runestaff slung across his back with Inquisitorial scroll cases and an electrobane grenade hanging from it along with his sword Barbarisater sheathed and attached to his belt. A further Inquisitorial scroll case is clutched in his left hand and he bears an Inquisitorial seal around his neck – this is topped with an aquila making the model a veritable showcase of Imperial iconography. There’s even a purity seal on the left shoulder of his ornate armour/cloak combo.The base features a sculpted cracked Inquisition symbol over which Eisenhorn is stepping with purpose and determination – signifying his journey from Puritan to Radical. Bolter shells and a horn
ed skull also feature on this base.
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