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Black Library: The Art Of Horus Heresy

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    Black Library: The Art Of Horus HeresyBlack Library: The Art Of Horus Heresy

Black Library: The Art Of Horus Heresy

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A Horus Heresy Art Book

Discover artwork from the entire Horus heresy saga from Horus Rising all the way through to the climactic The End and the Death.


Take a trip from the end of the Great Crusade through the galaxy-changing events on the killing fields of Isstvan to the apocalyptic climax of the Siege of Terra with this collection of
stunning Black Library artwork.


Black Library has been telling stories set in the various worlds of Warhammer for more than two decades. During this time the heroes and villains of these dark and gritty settings have
been immortalised through rich dynamic illustrations. Here for the first time is a specially curated collection of Warhammer artwork from across Black Library's Horus Heresy and
Siege of Terra series.

Within you'll find detailed commentary on the creation and realisation of some of the greatest pieces of art ever committed to novel covers. This book offers over 200 pieces of full-
colour artwork with notes about the artistic choices made during the design process depicting many fan-favourite characters and events. Inside you'll also find a brand new
reimagining of the classic cover for the New York Times bestselling novel False Gods.
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