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Da Big Dakka (Hb)

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    Da Big Dakka (Hb)Da Big Dakka (Hb)

Da Big Dakka (Hb)

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An Orks Novel

Ufthak Blackhawk reckons he’s in for it. Da Meklord has summoned him and the Gargantsmasha just knows his boss wants to kick his teef in and be done with it.


Ufthak Blackhawk faces the Drukhari in the teeming flesh pits of their dark city of Commorragh as he finds himself challenged to gladiatorial combat against the masters of pain.


Out of options Ufthak leads his Waaagh! through the mysterious webway to a place where kunnin’ sneakin’ and thinkin’ are the name of the game. A place with little truck for muscle
and brawn – Commorragh the Dark City.

Here where kabals and haemonculus covens pump psychic viscera into the warp Ufthak is thrown into gladiatorial combat and soon finds himself up against an archon who will stop
at nothing to prove she deserves to rule the Dark City – even if it means bringing Commorragh down around her.

But the Drukhari are about to discover that while orks may be simple very little about them is ever straightforward.

Written by Mike Brooks.
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