Crash 2 Amitiouxs Card

Crash 2 Amitiouxs Card
Merk: Ellusionist
Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
Prijs: €44,95 €22,00
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Don't even think it's like any other video you've seen.

The video delivers blinding performance and stunning quality. Using state-of-the-art methods toteach hard core material, C2 AmbitiouXs uses slow motion, frame-by-frame action, voice-overs, multiple over the shoulder shots and multiple performances for real people on gritty street corners, to teach one of the most amazing card trick routines alive.

What you will see in this video...

- Multiple performances on the streets
- Multipletalksonthevital aspects ofmagic androutining
- The most effective methods to TEACH better:voice-overs, slow motion, multiple angle shots
- A preview that will show you the quality involved
- An iron clad money back guarantee if you don't like the video




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