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Compendium of Club Juggling, C. Dancey

Compendium of Club Juggling, C. Dancey
Merk: Vlieg-er-uit
Model: MBJO010E
Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
Prijs: €19,95
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Compendium of Club Juggling, C. Dancey Author: Charlie Dancey Publisher: Butterfinger, Year: 1995 Best sellers among juggling books, Charlie Dancey's works take a modern approach to juggling, featuring detailed descriptions that are both instructive and humorous, illustrations and diagrams throughout for better understanding, and above all, countless patterns and concepts. The Compendium is dedicated to clubs in general, but at least 1/3 of the material deals with passing in all its forms. The author deals with all classical rhythms and patterns, and also describes a few less classical ones (6-count popcorn, PPS). You will also find lots of explanations on how to start and to pick up while passing, as well a many different passing tricks. Causal diagrams are also explained in details. The Compendium is a must-have--the book to buy if you only buy one. Thanks to it, I already knew most of the theory about passing before even learning the 4-count.
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