Flight was successful in offering great 4A performance to everyone and it has become one of the most popular and used offstring yoyo among the yoyo players. Now there is Flight Pro made out of delrin giving players the ultimate offstring trick machine.

The Flight Offstring yoyo has cemented itself as the best value Offstring model available. In 2017, YoYoFactory decided to take all of the best features of the Flight, combine them with a new rigid material, add a few design tweaks, and offer an even higher level of performance. The all new Flight PRO is the next evolution in your journey as an offstring player. High quality POM machined plastic offers increased durability and flexibility while a slightly altered weight distribution brings a faster feel.

Bearing Size C
Response system Thin Pads (19mm)
Width (mm) 59,7
Diameter (mm) 76,2
Style 4A / Offstring
Weight (g) 78,5



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YOYOFactory Flight Pro - freehand yoyo

  • Merk: yoyofactory
  • Model: YOYOFactory-Flight-pro
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  • € 54,99

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