The Sherpa is the ultimate evolution of modern responsive yoyo play. A hollow aluminum yoyo with aluminum caps, the Sherpa feels unlike anything that has ever been produced! With a blasted finish, amazing artwork, a comfortable slimline butterfly shape (and even dimples for fingerspins for the truly adventurous) the Sherpa is ready for you to take responsive yoyo play to the next level. 

Width: 35.95mm
Diameter: 58.04mm
Weight: 64g
Response: YYF Slim Pads
Stock: Spec Flat & 8mm Axle with a spare Center Trac & 10mm Axle for Unresponsive Play


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Basecamp Sherpa - metal yoyo - made by yoyofactory

  • Merk: yoyofactory
  • Model: YOYOfactory-sherpa
  • Beschikbaarheid: momenteel uitverkocht
  • € 54,95

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