Killzone: Moroch --- Op = Op!!!

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    Killzone: Moroch --- Op = Op!!!Killzone: Moroch --- Op = Op!!!

Killzone: Moroch --- Op = Op!!!

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Once a verdant agri world the border planet of Moroch was cut off by the opening of the Great Rift. Now like so many other worlds on the Imperial frontier Moroch is a harsh and
desperate place – where Kill Teams fight for survival in the bones of abandoned Fronteris settlements. Littered with rugged utility buildings and sturdy hab-bunkers these battle-
scarred colonies were once intended to support a thriving population – and now serve as tactical assets and vital cover.

Killzone Moroch is a scenery expansion set for Kill Team providing a diverse assortment of Fronteris terrain kits to populate your killzones. This excellent set of modular terrain can be
arranged and combined in a huge variety of configurations allowing you to build immersive border world battlefields – and recreate the mission layouts in the Kill Team: Moroch book. It's
the perfect complement to your games of Kill Team and Warhammer 40000 and an ideal way to begin or expand your terrain collection.

This kit comprises 87 plastic components with which you can build:
– 1x Landing Pad
– 1x Vox-Antenna
– 1x Auspex Shrine
– 1x STC Hab-Bunker
– 1x Stockade with Doors
– 3x Stockades

The set also includes a double-sided folding gaming board measuring 30 x 22.4 allowing you to quickly build a killzone suitable for games of Kill Team. This durable board features the
debris-strewn surface of an Imperial border world with different artwork on each side and can be combined with other gaming boards to create battlefields of any size.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.
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