Knight Of Talassar: Cato Sicarius Omnibus

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    Knight Of Talassar: Cato Sicarius OmnibusKnight Of Talassar: Cato Sicarius Omnibus

Knight Of Talassar: Cato Sicarius Omnibus

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An Ultramarines Omnibus

Cato Sicarius is a legend of the Imperium. Captain of the Ultramarines and bearer of many titles Sicarius is known for his tactical acumen – but his skill was earned through hard
lessons indeed.

Find out how one of the most legendary heroes from one of the most storied Chapters of Space Marines built his reputation.

Master of the Watch High Suzerain of Ultramar Knight Champion of Macragge... he Cato Sicarius is the bearer of many titles and his deeds are legendary.

As Captain of the Second Company Ultramarines Sicarius' bravery and tactical acumen are second to none. Whether fighting against the brutish greenskin hordes at Black Reach or
facing the deathless necron legions in the icy crucible of Damnos he has proven himself time and again. Each battle is a bitter lesson with Sicarius emerging changed and scarred –
pride giving way to wisdom arrogance to compassion as a better leader was forged.

It was in the midst of the warp with his ship and its entire complement thought lost prey to the denizens of hell itself where Cato Sicarius would face his sternest test. Only then in
the darkest hours would Sicarius discover the true meaning of Courage and Honour.

This omnibus contains two novels two novellas and two short stories all written by Nick Kyme.

– Assault on Black Reach
– Fall of Damnos
– Spear of Macragge
– Veil of Darkness
– Master of the Watch
– Knights of Macragge
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