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KHEO FLYER v2 (8 or 9 inch wheels - 12mm channel trucks)

Merk: Kheo
Model: BMKH0405
Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
Prijs: €289,00

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The Kheo Flyer is an intermediate level board. It has the same deck as the Bazik only somewhat stiffer as there are no fibre glass layers to add flex.
The board is equipped with the C2 bindings and this in combination with the deck specs make the board significantly lighter than the Bazik.
This makes the Flyer perfectly suitable for riders up to 80Kg that want to ride hard and fast on any terrain, while its Channel trucks give the Flyer all the stability needed to bomb down any hill, field or beach at high speeds.

Recommended for riders up to 80kg.

choose 8 inch for more solid undergrounds , 9 inch for more loose sandy undergrounds

Kheo Flyer specifications

Overall Length: 113cm
Deck Length: 94cm
Weight: 6.4kg
Bindings: Kheo C2 Velcro
Trucks: 12mm Kheo Aluminium Channel Trucks
Truck Inserts: 80A Cylinder Shocks
Tyres: 8 inch Diamond Tread
Wheels: Five Spoke Standard
Bearings: 6001-2RS Abec5
Deck: 9 Ply Canadian Maple (20º tip angle)
Hardware: Stainless
Accessories: Tool Kit and instructions


Wheels: 9 inch five spoke
Tyres: 9 inch Ultra Grip Tread
bearings: 6001-2RS Abec5
Trucks: 12mm Kheo Aluminium Channel trucks
Truck Inserts: 80A Cylinder Shocks
Weight: 7.3 Kg

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