Space Marines: Strike Force Agastus

  • Space Marines: Strike Force AgastusSpace Marines: Strike Force Agastus

Space Marines: Strike Force Agastus

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The Strike Force Agastus Boxed Set: Planetfall with Brutalis Dreadnought and Desolation Marines

Witness the elite Strike Force Agastus as they make their dramatic planetfall accompanied by a Brutalis Dreadnought and heavily armed squads of Desolation Marines. Guided by a
skilled Primaris Lieutenant these warriors rain down explosive ordnance across the battlefield pulverizing even the toughest of foes in the name of the Emperor.

In this boxed set you'll find a selection of miniatures available here for the first time featuring the Primaris Lieutenant leading the charge. Customize his weaponry with a choice of
cosmetic parts including plasma pistol heavy bolt pistol or bolt rifle configurations as well as a power fist or power sword. Additionally the set includes Heavy Intercessors bulky
troops equipped with heavy bolt rifles for holding objectives and taking out enemies with devastating volleys of fire. The Desolation Squad adds even more long-range firepower with
their superfrag or superkrak rocket launchers. And of course no Strike Force is complete without the appropriately named Brutalis Dreadnought capable of crushing even heavily
armored foes with its crushing fists or shredding talons.

To help you fully immerse yourself in the Strike Force Agastus experience the box includes a booklet filled with background information and rules for all the miniatures. The set contains
the following multipart plastic models: 1x Primaris Lieutenant 1x Brutalis Dreadnought 5x Heavy Intercessors and 10x Desolation Marines. Additionally you'll receive 2x Ultramarines
Infantry Transfer sheets each containing 279 transfers to help bring your models to life.

Please note that these miniatures require assembly and painting. We recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints to get the best results.
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