Warcry: Heart Of Ghur (English)

  • Warcry: Heart Of Ghur (English)Warcry: Heart Of Ghur (English)

Warcry: Heart Of Ghur (English)

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This massive boxed set contains:
– 160-page softcover Warcry: Core Book – loaded with art lore and all the rules for playing this new edition including dynamic Reactions game modes and campaigns
– 64-page softcover Warband Tome: Rot and Ruin – packed with rules campaigns and background information for both of the two warbands in the box
– Horns of Hashut – 10 merciless invaders sworn to the Father of Darkness. These multipart plastic miniatures include 1x Ruinator Alpha 1x Ruinator 3x Shatterers and 5x
Demolishers with a variety of weapons
– Rotmire Creed – 10 foul swamp-dwellers eager to test their toxins. These multipart plastic miniatures include 1x Witherlord 1x Bloated One 2x Carrion Catchers and 6x Mirefolk
Outcasts with a variety of weapons
– Gnarlwood scenery – 18 plastic terrain pieces to build on your battlefield including 1x Watchtower 2x Gnarloaks 4x Rope Bridges 1x Rib Platform and 10x Obstacles such as
shattered ruins palisades bones and broken posts
– A double-sided 22 x 30 folding gaming board depicting two twisted forest floors
– Tokens dice cards range ruler and all the essential accessories you need to play

Whether you’re a seasoned warband leader or a brand-new aspirant the Heart of Ghur boxed set will get you started with the latest ruleset incredible models and everything you
need to play in one box.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly
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