• Necromunda: Fire Made Flesh (Pb)

Novel bij Denny Flowers

The Fallen Dome of Periculus. It was once a hub of sanctioned commerce and illicit dealings but now it is lost … The prizes it holds are sought by noble, Guilder, and hive scum alike.

Periculus is an opportunity to not only prove his superiority over his superstitious peers but also to see the end of Lord Silas Pureburn for Tempes Sol of the Guild of Light,

Periculus did not fall by chance. Forbidden archeotech, twisted creatures that feast on flesh and an insidious rage afflicts all who dwell inside its confines. Dark secrets lurk in its shadows. The legacy of Periculus threatens not only to consume the underhive, but ultimately Hive Primus itself as madness and violence erupt within the fallen dome,

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Necromunda: Fire Made Flesh (Pb)

  • € 12,00
  • € 10,65

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