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Bolt Action

Bolt Action is the leading 28mm World War II tabletop wargame.

Nu ook bij Vlieg-er uit het inmiddels zeer populaire Bolt Action WWII miniature wargame op 28 mm schaal.
Deze collectie bieden we alleen aan via de webwinkel, hiervan houden we geen voorraad in de winkel zelf.

Levertijd is gemiddeld ca 2 tot 7 dagen afhankelijk van bestel moment*,  we krijgen wekelijks aangeleverd , bestellen voor maandag geeft de kortse levertijd.

Na bestelling krijg je altjd een verwacht levertijd in een persoonlijke bestelbevestiging.

*] mede ook afhankelijk voorraad levernacier


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Sir Oswald Moseley, BUF Leader
An Anglo-Irish aristocrat, Mosley fought on the Western Front and was later elected to Parliament as..
Sea Lion Part 2 - Operation Gigant
wordt einde Juli 2017 verwacht Operation Gigant is phase two of the theoretical plan to invad..
Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind?(resin)
This box set contains: A resin and metal Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind. A Bolt Action Stat card. A full-c..
BUF Group Leader
The officer class of the I squad were known as group leaders, a group, being roughly similar to a pl..
BUF anti-tank and support squads
The?BUF had no access to military artillery of any sort so were required to make improvised rocket-m..
BUF Action Squad
10 Metal BUF members, armed with a variety of weaponry..
The Great Panjandrum (special order)
The Panjandrum was actually developed in 1943 and was intended as a beach invasion device to be used..
Early War Waffen-SS squad (1939-1942)
As Hitlers military machine unleashed their devastating assault on Poland in 1939, the SS were still..
Early Stug D
Built on the battle-proven Panzer III chassis, the Ausf D was armed with the 75 mm StuK 37 L/24 cann..
British Snipers in Ghillie suits
Snipers were armed with a SMLE No.4 Rifle equipped with a No.32 Mk.1 telescopic sight. The team carr..
British Northover Projector
The last black powder weapon ever issued to the British Army, the Northover Projector was a 1940 imp..
British LDV section
On 14 May 1940, Britains Secretary of State for War Anthony Eden made a broadcast calling for men be..
British Home Guard Smith Gun
The Smith Gun actually looked like a real field artillery engine. It was developed by the chief engi..
British blacker bombard (spigot mortar)
Lieutenant Colonel Stewart Blacker was a retired Indian Army officer who dabbled in weapon research,..
British Airborne WWII Allied Paratroopers
This box set contains: Enough plastic components to make 30 British or Polish Airborne miniatures. ..
British Airborne Starter Army
This box set contains - British Airborne Army 1,000 points army list: Second Lieutenant and one ext..
British Airborne Jeep and Trailer
In addition to normal Jeeps, the airborne forces at Arnhem were supplied with special Recce Jeeps, f..
British Airborne drop canisters (special order)
Whilst each man carried their own rifle and pistol, holding on to any more equipment was too big eno..
Blitzkrieg German Pak 36 anti-tank gun with stielgranate
In order to extend its usefulness the Stielgranate 41 hollow-charge ammunition round was developed. ..
Blitzkrieg German Pak 36 anti-tank gun
The Pak 36 is the anti-tank gun the Germans always defaulted to because of its reliability and prowe..
Armadillo MkIII
Armadillos were improvised armoured self-propelled guns based on any available lorry chassis for air..
US Army flamethrower team
Flamethrowers were used throughout the war, especially in the Pacific, to clear our tunnels and bunk..
US Airborne decal sheet
Includes 39x 101st Screaming Eagles and 39x 82nd Airborne All American arm patches plus rank insigni..
Blitzkrieg German 2cm Flak 38
The 2cm Flak 38 anti-aircraft guns were employed by most arms of the German military during World Wa..
Barbed Wire
Barbed Wire is used for Scenery for the game Bolt Action by Warlord games..
Wrecked House
Wrecked House is used for Scenery for the game Bolt Action by Warlord games..
Stone Bridge
Stone Bridge is used for Scenery for the game Bolt Action by Warlord games..
Anti-Tank Obstacles
Anti-Tank Obstacles is used for Scenery for the game Bolt Action by Warlord games..
Stone Walls (4 plus 4)
Stone Walls (4 plus 4) is used for Scenery for the game Bolt Action by Warlord games..
Ruined Farmhouse
Ruined Farmhouse is used for Scenery for the game Bolt Action by Warlord games..


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