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Dystopian Wars

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Flight stands set 10pcs
This set contains Flight stands set 10pcs ..
€12,50 €8,50
Dystopian Wars Covenant of Antarctica Socrates Class Bombard DWCA24
Dystopian Wars Covenant of Antarctica Socrates Class Bombard DWCA24 ..
€7,99 €5,99
DWKB26 Kingdom of Britannia Illustrious Class Sky Fortress
DWKB26 Kingdom of Britannia Illustrious Class Sky Fortress High above the waves the Illustrious..
€20,00 €15,00
Kingdom of Britannia Brunel Class Mobile Airfield
Picture the scene: a battlefield ravaged by artillery ordnance, giant tanks destroyed by lumbering r..
€17,25 €11,56
Empire of the Blazing Sun Kagoshima Class Mobile Airfield
The Kagoshima Class Mobile Airfield is, according to its creator Koichiro Nakayama, a ..
€33,00 €20,00
Covenant of Antarctica Herodotus Class Mobile Airfield
The Herodotus Class Mobile Airfield is truly a monstrous envisioning of the future of warfare, this ..
€20,75 €13,90
Federated States Of America Washington Land Ship Waterlined (1) nog 1x
The Washington Class Land Ship is one of very few aquatic tanks having been developed by the FSA ..
€16,99 €11,38
Kingdom of Britannia Terrier Class Small Tank (20)
The Terrier is fast and agile, usually deployed in large numbers as a screen. In a combined attac..
€7,50 €5,03
Federated States of America John Henry class Robot (2)
This 5 part all-pewter model adds some heavy flying metal to any FSA force. The John Henry Flying Ro..
€16,50 €11,06
Kingdom of Britannia Sovereign Class Land Ship (1)
The Sovereign is the utility workhorse of the Britannian land armies, and is a common sight acros..
€13,50 €9,05
Kingdom of Britannia Hawk Class Scout Rotor (2 Models)
Prussian Empire engineers love the classic zeppelin shape and have made extensive use of the gas ..
€12,50 €8,38
Kingdom of Britannia Fighter Tokens
Kingdom of Britannia Fighter Tokens 30 x Resin Tokens Statistic Card Included. Models Su..
€7,50 €5,03
Kingdom of Britannia Doncaster Bombers
Kingdom of Britannia Bombers 3 x Pewter Models 3 x Acrylic Flight Stands Statistic Card Inc..
€15,99 €10,71
Kingdom of Britannia Attacker class Frigate (6)
The Britannia Frigate is a simple ship with a single turret and two torpedo batteries. Squadrons ..
€6,95 €4,66
Kingdom of Britannia Orion class Destroyer (3)
Britannia Destroyers are, like all ships of this class in Dystopian Wars, Pack Hunters. That is t..
€9,00 €6,03
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Kingdom of Britannia MKII Class Medium Tank (6)
The MKII has plenty of firepower in three arcs giving it lots of options and no fear of being sur..
€7,50 €5,03


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