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Warhammer Start Collecting! Tyranids box

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British Unit Cards
Unit Cards List The deck contains the following cards. Britis..
British Armoured Battle Group - preorder
After years of fighting in the desert the British army is ready to return to Normandy and leave behi..
Hurricane Tank-Busting Flight (BBX40)
includes two resin and metal Hurricane aircraft, two plastic flight stands, one decal sheet and one ..
Desert Rats Command Cards (FW241C)
Contains 36 cards to enhance your force, field iconic warriors and cutomise your units...
Desert Rats Universal Carrier Patrols (Plastic x 9)(BBX35)
includes nine plastic Universal Carriers, three plastic Crew sprues, one decal sheet and three Unit ..
Desert Rats HMG Platoon and Mortar Section (Plastic)(BR754)
includes four Vickers MMG teams and two 3-inch Mortar teams, six medium four-hole bases, one base..
Desert Rats 6pdr Anti-tank Platoon (Plastic x 4)(BBX38)
includes four plastic 6pdr anti-tank guns, four plastic Gun Crew sprues, four medium five-hole bases..
Motor Platoon (Plastic) (BR753)
includes two Company HQ teams, one Unit Leader team, three Bren Gun teams, one Boys Anti-tank Rifle ..
Crusader Armoured Troop (BBX39)
includes five plastic Crusader tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, one Decal sheets and five Un..
Grant Armoured Troop (BBX37)
includes five plastic Grant tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, one Decal sheets and five Unit ..
Desert Rats 17/25pdr Anti-Tank Troop (Plastic x 2)(BBX41)
includes two plastic 17pdr guns, two large six-hole bases, one base plug sprue, one plastic Tank ..
Desert Rats 25pdr Field Troop (Plastic x 4)(BBX33)
includes four plastic 25pdr guns, four large six-hole bases, two base plug sprues, four plastic Gun ..
Desert Rats Token Set (BR901)
includes two Ranged In tokens, four Foxholes tokens, eight Pinned Down tokens, one Leader token, fou..
Desert Rats Dice Set (BR900)
includes 20 Desert Rat-themed gaming dice...
Desert Rats Honey Armoured Troop (BBX32)
includes five plastic Honey tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, one Decal sheets and four Un..
Montys Desert Rats (All Plastic)
includes five plastic Grant tanks, three plastic Crusader tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue, t..
Cromwell Armoured Platoon (BBX31)
Includes five plastic Cromwell tanks, one plastic British tank commander sprue and one decal sheet...
Universal Carrier (BR211)
with everything you need to assemble a platoon of 3 Universal Carriers with all the variant parts...
Humber Scout Car (x3) (BR320)
With three resin and metal Humber Scout Cars, drivers, and optional Bren guns..
Comets (Plastic) (x5) (BBX30)
includes five plastic Comet cruiser tanks, one plastic Tank Commander sprue and one Decal sheet...
SAS Jeep (Europe) (BR414)
with three resin SAS Jeeps, three sets of crew with Twin MGs, .50 Cal and AA MGs...
M5 Half-track Transport Platoon (BBX29)
includes four plastic M3 / M5 half-tracks sprues, four Driver figures, and eight Seated passengers...
British Rifle Company plastic (BBX28)
includes six plastic British Infantry sprues, five Small three-hole bases, six Small two-hole bases,..
OQF 3.7inch Anti-aircraft gun
Used in the desert and Western Europe as an improvised AT gun, the 3.7inch AA gun could stop enemy P..
Desert Rats Decals
Contains four sheets with Divisional Symbols, tactical markings and Air recognition roundals...
BL 5.5 gun
Contains a BL 5.5 inch gun with crew..
Quad Tractor and Limber
Quad and Limber - The Quad is a specialist towing vehicle and ammo supply for the superb 25pdr Field..
Matador Trucks (x2)
Contains two 1pc resin Matador trucks..
LRDG Chev Gun Truck, 1pc Resin, LRDG Patrol
Contains a 1pc resin Chevrolet 30cwt gun truck with Bofors 37mm gun and Breda 20mm cannon...
Grant (with Lee option)
M3 Medium tank, Grant I (8th Army) - The apperance of the Grant on the Desert battlefields gave pari..


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