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Autocanon de 75mm
Mounting a 75mm AA gun, the Autocanon de 75mm can be used in both an AT and AA role...
French Decal Set (FR940)
The French Decal Set contains 4 decal sheets: 2x White numbers, letters and playing card suits. ..
Charles de Gaulle (FR880)
Charles de Gaulle (FR880) with Somua Objective. When the German tanks crossed the Polish frontie..
Tirailleurs Platoon (FR742)
with one Command Rifle/MG team, one VB team, six Rifle/MG team, one Small base and seven Medium base..
Legionnaire Sapper Platoon (FR746)
includes one Command Pioneer Rifle team, three Sapper Squads (two Pioneer Rifle teams per squad), on..
S20TL Truck (FR420)
includes two one-piece resin S20TL trucks with Driver and Seated passengers...
Laffly W15T Truck (FR410)
includes two one-piece Laffly W15T trucks with drivers..
French Infantry Platoon with 3 squads
Fusiliers Platoon (FR702) with one Command Rifle Team, one VB team and six Rifle/MG teams...
Company HQ (FR701)
Company HQ (FR701) with two Command Rifle Teams, one 60mm mortar team and two 81mm mortar teams...
25mm SA-34 Hotchkiss gun (FR500)
with one Command Rifle team, three 25mm SA-34 guns with crew, one Small base and three Medium bases...
Somua s5 (FR050)
Somua S-35 (FR050) The Somua S-35 gave excellent service to the French army as a well-armoured ..
Renault R-35 (FR030)
includes two Renault R-35 Light Tanks (37mm SA-18 and 45mm obr 1938 gun options) and two Tank Comman..
Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 and ZT-3 (FR140)
with one Renault AMR-35 ZT-2 and one Renault AMR-35 ZT-3...
Renault AMR-35 (FR011)
with 3 Renault AMR-35 with 7.5mm MG and 13.5mm MG options...
Panhard-Schneider P-16 (FR310)
includes two Panhard-Schneider P-16 Combar Cars with Commander figures...
Panhard AMD-35 (FR300)
Panhard AMD-35 (FR300) The French designed their Automitrailleuse de D..
Lorraine 38L Armoured Carrier (FR201)
with two one-piece resin Lorraine 38L Armoured Carriers, four AA MG figures and four sets of passeng..
Hotchkiss H-35 or H-39 (FR020)
Hotchkiss H-35 or H-39 (FR020) with three vehicles. Most Battalions de Chars de Combat (BCC) wer..
Char B1 bis (FR070)
Char B1 bis (FR070) with German Flammwagen B-2(f) option...
25mm SA-34 Portee (FR160)
includes one 25mm SA-34 Portee with crew...


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