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Army Painter Tools

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Milliput Yellow-Grey - standard
Milliput Standard Yellow Grey Two Part Epoxy Putty is very versatile, and is ideal for mould maki..
Magic Superglue Activator - Alcohol (pump) - The Army Painter
The Magic Superglue Activator will instantly bond model and miniature pieces - glued with Supergl..
Plastic Glue - The Army Painter
With the precision nozzle of this pot, it is very easy to apply ultra small dots of plastic glue ..
Miniature & Model Files
The original file set offers excellent value and quality for all modellers and wargamers. The 3 f..
Miniature and Model Drill
The Pin Vice is also a well known and valuable tool for the converter and modeller. It is used to..
Drill Bits
The Spare Drills & Pins are used with the Miniature & Model Hand Drill. This set contains..
Plastic Frame Cutter
It is sharp, thin and precise. With this specialized tool you can cut your models from the sprue ..
Miniature and Model Superglue - The Army Painter
With the same precision nozzle as the Plastic Glue, you can apply tiny drops exactly where you ne..
Project Paint Station - The Army Painter
The Army Painter Project Paint Station is the perfect tool for the immaculate hobbyist, that want..
Wargamers Hobby Tool Kit
Wargamers Hobby Tool Kit ..
Starter Set - Plastic Assembly Set
Starter Set - Plastic Assembly Set ..
Starter Set - Metal-Resin Assembly Set
Starter Set - Metal-Resin Assembly Set ..


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