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Warhammer 40000: Adeptus Astartes Dice
The perfect set of dice for your games of Warhammer 40,000, this set of 20 dice is split into 4 colo..
€15,00 €12,75
Space Marines Ultramarines Primaris Upgrades
This pack of plastic components can be used to upgrade a variety of Primaris Space Marines with icon..
€12,00 €10,20
Space Marines Primaris Inceptors
The swiftest of the Primaris battle-brothers, Inceptors fill the role of spearhead troops. They hit ..
€40,00 €34,00
Kingsblade (Pb)
The Knight Houses of Adrastapol are both noble and righteous, and when the Imperial world of Donatos..
€12,50 €10,65
Horus Heresy: Path Of Heaven (Pb)
For too long had the Vth Legion ranged out beyond the sight of the wider Imperium, remaining ignoran..
€11,50 €9,80
Citadel Skulls
You may have noticed a common theme amongst models and scenery pieces from the Warhammer 40,000 and ..
€20,00 €17,00
Citadel Creeping Vines
Detailed, flexible plastic scenery designed to be wrapped around scenery pieces and model bases to a..
€20,00 €17,00
Citadel Barbed Bracken
Incredibly detailed, designed to make your scenery pieces stand out on the gaming table by adding ex..
€20,00 €17,00
Black Legion (Hb)
Ezekyle Abaddon and his warlords strive to bind the newborn Black Legion together under threat of de..
€22,00 €18,70
Tyranid Carnifex (laatste)
Een blister of doos met modellen om toe te voegen aan je collectie van je Warhammer of 40.000 leg..
€43,00 €36,55
Grey Knights Strike Squad
Strike Squads often form the vanguard of a Grey Knights strike force. Equipped with lighter armou..
€47,50 €40,40
Codex: Chaos Space Marines (Hb) (Eng)
Death to the False Emperor! The Chaos Space Marines are superhuman traitors grown strong on ..
€32,50 €27,65
Ultramarine Paint Set
Containing the essential paints needed to paint Ultramarines miniatures, this is the perfect set to ..
€12,00 €10,20
Warhammer 40000 Essentials Set (Eng)
The perfect introduction to the hobby of collecting, building and painting Citadel miniatures, this ..
€24,00 €20,40
Space Marines Primaris Intercessors
A strong core of reliable and adaptable warriors that can lay down fire while advancing or holding d..
€45,00 €38,25
Space Marines Primaris Hellblasters
Imperial observers have likened the fire of a Hellblaster Squad to the incinerating power of a stell..
€45,00 €38,25
Intercessors and Paint Set
The perfect way to start a collection of Primaris Ultramarines, this is a box containing 3 plastic E..
€24,00 €20,40
Grey Knights Grand Master Voldus
Aldrik Voldus, Warden of the Librarius, wields more psychic might than any Grey Knight seen in centu..
€25,00 €21,25
Datacards: Grey Knights (English)
Designed to make it easier to keep track of Tactical Objectives, psychic powers and Stratagems in..
€12,00 €10,20
Datacards: Chaos Space Marines (Eng)
Designed to make it easier to keep track of Tactical Objectives, psychic powers and Stratagems in..
€12,00 €10,20
Codex: Grey Knights (Hb) (English)
Chanting rites of banishment, the elite brotherhoods of the Grey Knights stride fearlessly into batt..
€32,50 €27,65
White Dwarf Augustus 2017
Is that salvation on the horizon for the Imperium? Why, yes – in the shape of a new issue of Whit..
€8,00 €6,80
Kharadron Overlords Aetheric Navigator
This multi-part plastic kit contains the components necessary to assemble an Aetheric Navigator. ..
€20,00 €17,00
Space Marines Primaris Repulsor
The Repulsor armoured transport is a deadly combination of manoeuvrability and raw brute force. Due ..
€65,00 €55,25
Space Marines Primaris Chaplain
The spiritual leaders of their Chapters, Chaplains are awe-inspiring warrior priests who administer ..
€30,00 €25,50
Space Marines Primaris Apothecary
Amongst the most honoured Space Marines of a Chapter are its Apothecaries. It is their role to to mi..
€30,00 €25,50
Skaven and Dwarf Pitch
Play games of Blood Bowl on this excellent double-sided foldout card pitch! Made to the same specifi..
Realmgate Wars 10: Lord Of Undeath (Pb)
Nagash. A name whispered in fear, even by the dread followers of the Dark Gods. Once a member of Sig..
€12,50 €10,70
Horus Heresy: Tallarn (Hb)
As the Warmasters campaign of galactic domination continues, his generals seek out fresh battlefield..
€25,00 €21,25
Codex: Space Marines (Hb) (English)
Codex: Space Marines is a 208-page hardback containing a wealth of background and rules - the def..
€40,00 €34,00
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