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Net als mijn vorige bestelling snel geleverd en netjes verpakt. Er zat zelfs een gratis space marine sprue bij! Top winkel...

David van der Mullen


Ik had mijn bestelling niet goed geplaatst.hier werd vrijwel direct score op ondernomen, dus persoonlijke, snelle en goede service. Dank voor de hulp...


Warhammer Age of Sigmar


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Easy to build: Stormcast Eternals Sequitors - Pre-order
The line infantry of a Sacrosanct Chamber is comprised of its Sequitors, stern warriors who chann..
€12,00 €10,20
Easy to build: Nighthaunt Myrmourn Banshees - Pre-order
The Myrmourn banshees have a diabolical hunger, for they feast solely upon magic. No enemy spell ..
€12,00 €10,20
Easy to build: Nighthaunt Glaivewraith Stalkers - Pre-order
A Glaivewraith Stalker is an unstoppable force. Its long blade always points at the beating heart..
€12,00 €10,20
Easy to build: Castigators With Gryph-Hound - Pre-order
Castigators are powerful ranged support troops, commonly employed by the Lord-Arcananums of the S..
€12,00 €10,20
Age Of Sigmar: Wound Counters - Pre-order
Ideal for tracking wounds to your units during games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, these Wound Trac..
€10,00 €8,50
Age Of Sigmar: Objective Markers - Pre-order
Used to mark the objectives fought over in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, these 7 plastic Obje..
€25,00 €21,25
Age Of Sigmar: Combat Gauge - Pre-order
The perfect tool for quickly and easily measuring the space between models locked in bitter comba..
€12,00 €10,20
Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar Core Book (Eng) - Pre-order
The Age of Sigmar began with the thunderous arrival of the Stormcast Eternals, borne upon the hea..
€45,00 €38,25
Age Of Sigmar: Soul Wars (English) - Pre-order
Due to the weight of this product, your order will be upgraded to 'Fast' delivery free of charge...
€125,00 €106,25
Age Of Sigmar: Scenery Dice - Pre-order
In the Warhammer Age of Sigmar core rules, you’ll find rules explaining how models can cross or t..
€15,00 €12,75
Age Of Sigmar: Malign Sorcery (English) - Pre-order
The cataclysmic necroquake of Shyish has flooded the Mortal Realms with the powers of the aether...
€60,00 €51,00
Age Of Sigmar: Generals Handbook 2018 (English) - Pre-order
An essential toolbox of rules that you and your gaming group can use in any way you like, the Gen..
€25,00 €21,25
Age Of Sigmar: Command and Status Dice - Pre-order
Keep track of your Command Points and the status of any unit in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar ..
€15,00 €12,75
Idoneth Deepkin: Akhelian Guard
No troops exemplify the Idoneth Deepkin way of life more than the Akhelian Guard. Mounted atop Fangm..
€40,00 €34,00
Idoneth Deepkin: Akhelian Allopex
At first they appear as spectral blurs in the ethersea, distant streamlined shapes that seem to mate..
€35,00 €29,75
Idoneth Deepkin: Akhelian Leviadon
Shrugging off enemy missiles, the Akhelian Leviadon plunges into the fray. Scythed fins dismember fo..
€90,00 €76,50
Idoneth Deepkin: Isharann Tidecaster
It is the Tidecasters who conjure the phantasmal sea that allows aelf and aquatic beast to move and ..
€20,00 €17,00
Idoneth Deepkin: Isharann Soulscryer
With their cyfar compasses and dowserchimes, the Soulscryers can map the dark corners of a being's s..
€20,00 €17,00
Idoneth Deepkin: Isharann Soulrender
The Soulrenders are unusual amongst the Isharann, for they are trained alongside the Akhelians, and ..
€20,00 €17,00
Volturnos High King Of The Deep
He was the first of his kind, and is the last of the Cythai still alive. All Ionrach bow before him,..
€32,50 €27,65
Idoneth Deepkin: Namarti Reavers
Namarti Reavers provide the archers and scouts for the Idoneth Deepkin phalanxes. The Akhelians reco..
€40,00 €34,00
Warscroll Cards: Idoneth Deepkin (Eng)
From out of blackness they come, emerging from the depths of the realms seas upon a surging tide ..
€20,00 €17,00
Lotann Warden Of The Soul Ledgers
Gifted with the spirit-sight and keen analytical minds, the Soul Wardens keep a tally of interred..
€25,00 €21,25
Idoneth Deepkin: Namarti Thralls
Like all aelves, Namarti Thralls possess a physical grace that to other races appears supernatura..
€40,00 €34,00
Idoneth Deepkin: Eidolon Of Mathlann
Idolised echoes of a bygone era, the Eidolons of Mathlann are summoned to life in times of dire n..
€85,00 €72,25
Etheric Vortex: Gloomtide Shipwreck
When the Idoneth Deepkin go to war, they bring their supernatural sea with them. Ethereal creatur..
€32,50 €27,65
Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin (Hb) (Eng)
From out of blackness they come, emerging from the depths of the realms’ seas upon a surging tide..
€32,50 €27,65
Age Of Sigmar: Idoneth Deepkin Dice
This is a set of 20 6-sided 16mm dice in a translucent blue representing the vastness and depth o..
€15,00 €12,75
Dark Elves Witch Elves(laatste)
Dark Elves Witch Elves Fantasy versie , met square bases ..
€45,00 €38,25
Realm Of Battle: Blasted Hallowheart
The perfect way to start a collection of Citadel scenery, this is literally a battlefield in a box! ..
€65,00 €55,25


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