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Lord Hasoteph the resplendent --- Webstore Exclusive
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Model: M-49-415
Lord Hasoteph the resplendent --- Webstore Exclusive..
€ 25,00
Excl. BTW:€ 20,66
Model: 50-03
Deze set is uitverkocht en gaat ook niet meer terug komen.This Beast Snagga Orks Army Set provides you with everything you need to start a Beast Snaggas collection and play it on the battlefield. In addition to a 26-model Ork army led by the legendary Zodgrod Wortsnagga, the set includes a copy ..
€ 131,75 € 155,00
Excl. BTW:€ 108,88
Warhammer 40000: Drukhari Dice Set
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 45-05
€ 21,25 € 25,00
Excl. BTW:€ 17,56
Eldar Farseer Skyrunner
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Brand: Games Workshop Model: 46-19
Een blister of doos met modellen om toe te voegen aan je collectie van je Warhammer, Hobbit of 40.000 leger. Een regelboek en codex en/of een starterblister is nodig om dit spel te kunnen spelen. Attentie: verf of lijm zitten niet in deze blister maar zijn wel apart verkrijgbaar...
€ 29,00
Excl. BTW:€ 23,97
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 49-42
This 55-part plastic kit makes five Flayed Ones for use in games of Warhammer 40,000 and is supplied with five Citadel 28.5mm Round Bases...
€ 34,00 € 40,00
Excl. BTW:€ 28,10
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 49-45
Command time and the battle with the Chronomancer and ensure victory for your Necrons. This kit comes with a choice of three heads, two different left hand options, and can be armed with either an aeonstave or an entropic lance. This 17-part plastic kit makes one Chronomancer for use in games o..
€ 25,50 € 30,00
Excl. BTW:€ 21,07
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 49-48
Start a new Necron army or easily add to an existing force with Combat Patrol: Necrons. The contents of this set have been specially chosen by Games Workshop to provide you with an ideal Necrons army for Combat Patrol-sized games– approximately 25 Power Level's worth of models.This se..
€ 93,50 € 110,00
Excl. BTW:€ 77,27
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 45-37
Only a few fighters in the game have the ability to slaughter enemies wholesale and duel enemy Characters with equally effortless ease. Beware! Lelith Hesperax is no mere fighter! This kit builds 1x Lelith Hesperax. It comes in 10..
€ 27,65 € 32,50
Excl. BTW:€ 22,85
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 40-18
Inside this 96-page hardback book, you'll find:- Backgroud stories.- An in-depth campaign system you can use to join the war for the Obolis and Lirac Sub-sectors on the side of the Imperial defenders, Chaos invaders, or anarchic xenos raiders.- A wealth of Crusade campaign content, including unique ..
€ 38,25 € 45,00
Excl. BTW:€ 31,61
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 45-02
This pack contains 41 datacards, divided as follows:– 7x core Stratagem cards– 34x Drukhari Stratagem cards..
€ 17,00 € 20,00
Excl. BTW:€ 14,05
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 45-43
 The contents of this set have been specifically chosen to provide you with an ideal Drukhari force for Combat Patrol-sized games – approximately 25 Power Level's worth of models.This set includes the following multipart plastic units:– 1x Archon– 10x Kabalite Warriors– 5x Incubi– 1x Ravager– 1..
€ 93,50 € 110,00
Excl. BTW:€ 77,27
Brand: Games Workshop Model: 45-01
The Drukhari are a decadent race of alien warriors, tormentors and raiders. This 120 page book contains:– The history and dark origins of the Drukhari.– A showcase of stunningly painted Citadel Miniatures that displays the martial liveries, hedonistic colours and gruesome appearances seen among the ..
€ 26,36 € 30,99
Excl. BTW:€ 26,36
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